APA Life Insurance partners with Craydel to improve access to quality education

NAIROBI, Kenya, April 8 – APA Life Assurance has partnered with Craydel, Africa’s largest online education platform, to offer personalized financial advice for planning and funding higher education.

APA Life believes that by creating a new standard in financial planning, more students will have access to higher education so they gain the skills and education needed to obtain greater opportunities.

Through the platform co-branded with Craydel, APA Life Assurance will provide access to financial products such as investment plans, fixed savings accounts as well as education plans for parents who wish to save for the education of their children. children.

Additionally, Craydel provides an online platform for accessing higher education institutions and courses for students and professionals in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Catherine Karimi, CEO, APA Life Assurance Limited said; “The cost of education continues to rise, but schooling remains the best option to ensure a bright future for every child. A good education equips them with skills and prepares them to face life‘s challenges. However, providing your children with the best education comes at a very high price and requires financial investment and planning. We have created a new standard for higher education financial planning that results in personalized financial plans tailored to specific education needs and aspirations.

“APA’s deep financial expertise with financial products aimed at keeping young people happy, combined with Craydel’s expertise in understanding and meeting student needs, is a huge step forward in democratizing the access to higher education. Craydel is reshaping the way students and working professionals in Africa research, discover and apply for their best-fit higher education. added Manish Sardana, Founder and CEO of Craydel.

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