A&T Foundation Plans New Development Near Campus, Latest Project to Build East Greensboro | Education

And the Greensboro City Council recently annexed more than 300 acres in the city’s far east so developers could build up to 1,100 single-family homes and townhouses in an area surrounding McConnell Road south of the Interstate. 85, near where Publix plans to add a distribution center. .

Construction on The Resurgent could begin as early as July, with the development opening by the end of 2023, according to Cameron. She pointed out that the schedule is fluid and, like any construction project, many factors could push the schedule back.

The foundation’s rezoning application for the project was unanimously approved by the city’s zoning board in late December, just months after the group purchased the property in July 2021.

“Going as far as we’ve gone, going through zoning, feels like breakneck speed, but we still have a lot of work to do to get the project off the ground, so to speak, and shovel the dirt in place. said Cameron.

The university’s foundation has been around since 1946, but it made a major shift in 2015, when it decided to focus on investing in real estate. The group’s primary purpose, according to its website, is “to acquire, own, transfer, sell, develop, construct and manage real estate or real estate-related projects in support of the ‘University”.

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