Bolt Rewards Drivers, unveils insurance plan for runners


The Bolt Industry said the well-attended Bolt Mega Bonus Challenge rewarded Indigenous Bolt drivers and employees with great prizes with a comprehensive driver insurance plan on every trip in the world. part of efforts to strengthen drivers on the Bolt platform to financially recover from the impact of the lockdown linked to COVID-19.

The e-Ride platform explained that following the COVID-19 lockdown in 2020, Bolt launched the Mega Bonus Challenge to reward drivers on the platform for currently increasing and diversifying their revenue streams, adding that part of the movement was to empower employees on the Bolt Platform to earn more income.

To that end, Bolt said the Mega Bonus Challenge has rewarded Indigenous drivers on the Bolt platform with an all-new car to help employees and businesses recover from the financial loss of the foreclosure.

The company also said it has provided a comprehensive insurance plan and HMOs to cover drivers and passengers on every trip, adding that this would further ensure that Bolt platform employees maintain health checks. frequent and a solid monthly health insurance plan which is one of the perks of driving on the Bolt platform to achieve the achievable goal.

Speaking to reporters in Lagos, Mr. Odey Xavier Ayaga, a Bolt driver and entrepreneur, shared his experience of winning a car at Bolt’s Mega Bonus Challenge, noting that it helped him financially recover from the experience. lockdown COVID-19.

He hinted that after the COVID-19 lockdown and before the Bolt Mega Bonus Challenge happened, he traveled to the village to stay with his family, saying the Bolt Challenge had a huge impact on his life.

Xavier said: “When the lockdown restrictions were lifted towards the end of the year, I had to resume driving on Bolt to try to recoup some of what I had lost financially during the lockdown. It was during this period that I received information about the Bolt Mega Bonus Challenge.

While applauding Bolt’s efforts, he noted that one of the benefits of driving on Bolt is the health insurance plan for all drivers, stressing that all drivers on the Bolt platform are entitled to a solid plan. monthly health insurance and with the HMO.

“Bolt has a comprehensive insurance plan that covers drivers and passengers on every trip. Personally, I think it’s a big plus for anyone to consider driving Bolt, ”he added.

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