Care Classic: This health insurance plan allows you to pay the premium on the basis of the city of your residence

Care Health Insurance said the product is tailor-made according to the city’s healthcare offering and individual requirements.

Care Health Insurance announced today (December 15, 2021) the launch of Care Classic, a comprehensive health insurance policy in which the premium is calculated based on the city in which the person resides.

In a statement, Care Health Insurance said the product was tailor-made according to the city’s healthcare offering and individual requirements. It will include coverage for day care, unlimited auto-recharge, and OPD coverage that includes new age benefits such as unlimited electronic consultation, diagnostics and pharmacy.

Commenting on the new health insurance, Ajay Shah, director and head of retail, Care Health Insurance, said, “The product is designed on a simple premise that health spending in metropolitan cities is generally much more expensive than small towns; and although it offers full health and new age insurance coverage, it adapts to differential premiums depending on the city of residence of the insured. At Care Health, we continue to invest in the effective application of technology to deliver excellence in customer service, product innovation and value for money services.

The health insurer has also broadened the spectrum of comprehensive “care” and extended it beyond hospitalization to include preventive check-ups, medical consultations, diagnoses, and also covers home treatment of the patient. patient, according to the press release.

In addition to the city-based premium calculation, the product also provides coverage of ambulance costs for transfer to the nearest health facility in the event of a medical emergency and unlimited electronic consultation with a general practitioner. (GP), he added.

Care Health Insurance is a specialist health insurer offering products in the retail segment for health insurance, supplemental cover, personal accident, maternity, international travel and critical illness insurance as well as insurance. group sickness and collective individual accident insurance for enterprises, microinsurance products. for the rural market and welfare services.

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