Chhattisgarh reservation quota to exceed 80% after state considers population ratio plan

Photo: BCCL

Raipur: During the two-day special session of the Chhattisgarh assembly which begins on December 1, the Congress government wants to introduce legislation to offer reservations in jobs and educational institutions in “proportion of population” ST/SC and other categories, TOI reported.
The extraordinary session was to resolve the impasse caused by a recent High Court ruling which overturned a 2012 government decree increasing the overall quota to 58%, declaring booking above 50% illegal.

If the government follows through on its proportional quota plan, reservations in Chhattisgarh could reach 81%, probably the most in the country.

According to reports, the government of Bhupesh Baghel is considering a 32% quota for STs, a 12% quota for SCs and a reserve of 27% for OBCs. With a 10% quota for economically disadvantaged sectors (EWS), reservations would reach 81%.
The decree issued in 2012 provided for 32% reservation for Tribals, 12% for Scheduled Castes and 14% for Other Backward Sections (OBC). The tribal quota now stands at 20%, the SC quota has increased to 16% and the OBC reserve remains the same as it was in undivided Madhya Pradesh.
CM Baghel has repeatedly stated that his government is committed to guaranteeing reservation based on the proportion of various groups in the overall population.

In addition to introducing the Bill, the Congress government may propose a resolution urging the Center to include the Chhattisgarh Reserve in the Ninth Schedule of the Constitution, which includes central and state regulations that cannot be challenged in court.

When it comes to restoring the 32% Scheduled Tribe reservation, the ruling Congress, the opposition BJP and other political parties are all on the same page.

The Congress government is finalizing the draft amendment bills which could be examined during the Council of Ministers on 24 November.

This comes at a time when tribal people are agitating for the restoration of their reservation to 32% after their quota was reduced to 20% following the HC order of September 19, 2022.

A year before the election, the state government filed an appeal with the Supreme Court and is considering its options to resolve the case.

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