Do you have health insurance? Request and get this bonus

Do you have health insurance? Request and get this bonus!

Financial advisers are advised that whether or not one takes out a life insurance policy, one must take out a medical policy. No matter how many lakhs we have saved, there is a risk that it will all be dissolved in a day, just under medical treatment. Therefore, it should be noted that the awareness is rising that everyone should take out medical insurance. Many people who have taken out medical insurance in this situation are not aware of the bonus-malus. Let’s see this in detail. According to reports, many people do not take advantage of this offer, especially due to a lack of awareness of the no-claim bonus.
It is known that people in good health now take out health insurance. Thus, those who are in good health can benefit from a claim premium if they do not make any claims for a few years. For example, if a person takes medical insurance for one lakh rupees and does not claim any type of claim in that year, the insurance company will give him a premium of 5% in the second year. This means you will get medical insurance for 1 lakh 5 thousand rupees. In addition, if he does not claim each year, he can continue to receive a bonus of 5% each year.If you have a claim in the first year of insurance, you may not receive the no-claims bonus in the second year. But at the same time, if there is no claim in the third year, then the no claim bonus will be available in the fourth year. Also, not only the policy amount but also the policy premium can be used. 10,000 for 1 lakh medical insurance, if no claim is received, just pay Rs. 9500 after deduction of five percent discount. In addition, there is a possibility of paying a premium after 5% if no claims are made every year.Many health insurance companies offer this benefit to policyholders themselves. Some companies offer this offer only if you claim the no-claim bonus. So, if you have taken out a medical policy and have not availed any branches, it is advisable to avail this offer immediately.

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