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(WSVN) – A South Florida man has died suddenly. His widow learned that his employer had a life insurance policy for all his employees, but then found out that it had been canceled while her husband was dying in hospital… or was it the case ? That’s why she turned to Help Me Howard with Patrick Fraser.

It is difficult for Isabel to talk about Roberto.

Isabel Padin: “Roberto was someone I loved. He was the best, as a friend, as a husband.

As Isabel scrolls through her phone, looking at photos of her late husband, she is still amazed that he is gone.

Luis Rivera: “Everyone loved him. Everyone cared about him. »

Roberto was a highly regarded auto mechanic.

Louis knows. They worked together.

Luis Rivera: “Very helpful, smart and above all a hardworking guy. He wouldn’t stop working. He never took a day off.

Then, last April, Roberto said he wasn’t feeling well, took the day off and went to the hospital.

A few weeks later, Luis received a call from a friend.

Luis Rivera: “He said to me, ‘Hey, did you hear that Roberto died?’ And that’s how I found out.

Isabelle was devastated. With all of her family back in Cuba, she had no one to turn to.

Luis Rivera: “It was the baker, you know? Things were getting difficult. »

It was then that Luis offered to help, informing Isabel that the car dealership where Roberto worked had paid for a $10,000 insurance policy for its employees.

Luis Rivera: “Yeah, yeah, they offer this life insurance policy. You know, if something happens to you, it goes to your spouse.

But the insurance company wrote to Isabel that they had no coverage for Roberto.

Luis was told the policy was canceled as Roberto struggled to survive in the hospital, but the insurance company didn’t tell Isabel who did it.

Luis Rivera: “I know Roberto wasn’t going to do it. I can’t call and cancel, and she wasn’t going to cancel.

Luis called the dealership, where he said they were unaware of a cancellation. They offered to pay for Roberto’s cremation, but without the insurance money, Isabel won’t be able to pay her bills.

Isabel Padin (translation): “I have to pay the rent, the electricity.”

Isabel needs the life insurance money. Luis is determined to help an old friend’s widow get it.

Luis Rivera: “It’s just the right thing to do, and it’s – you know, his situation and all on his own.”

Well, Howard, legally Isabel is out of luck?

Howard Finkelstein, 7News legal expert: “In most cases, if you have a life insurance policy, the insurance company has to let you know before they cancel you. If they don’t, they can’t cancel and must pay if you die. If it’s through your employer, make sure you get a copy of the benefits, and also make sure you name a beneficiary and give them a copy of the benefit form as well.

I contacted Lorenzo Ford at Homestead and spoke to the general manager. He told me he would find out. He didn’t return my calls after that, but he kept his word.

We learned that from Isabel.

Isabel Padin (translation): “The check arrived directly, by direct deposit to the bank.”

The $10,000 came from the insurance company, which apparently meant they made the mistake of saying Roberto was uninsured.

This money will help Isabel manage for a while without Roberto.

Isabel Padin (translation): “I am very happy, because Channel 7 helped me in this process. Thanks to them, I can finally breathe a small sigh of relief, because I am alone in this country.

Glad we could help, and good luck for the future, Isabel. Now, if Luis hadn’t told Isabel about the life insurance policy, she might never have known. Has someone left you life insurance money that you were never told about? There are links at the end of this Help Me Howard story to find out. Check it out. You might have a surprise.

Has life dealt you a blow? Want to make sure you get help? Contact us. We have a single policy: we try to help everyone.


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