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The pandemic has highlighted gaps in the financial lives of investors. In fact, 31% of consumers say COVID-19 has made them more likely to purchase life insurance within the next year¹. Yet only 52% have some form of coverage — the lowest rate recorded in the study’s history¹. Considering that 42% of Americans said they would face financial hardship within six months if their family’s primary breadwinner unexpectedly died, this new offering provides easier access to a variety of health care choices. life insurance that can help protect loved ones if life takes an unexpected turn. . Customers can:

  • Find educational content on life insurance basics and additional resources to help you build and protect your wealth.
  • Access a wide choice of carriers, as well as a straightforward online application process.
  • Secure up to $ 3 million in life insurance without medical examination, as well as higher amounts of cover for more complex needs with the main insurers².
  • Easily access key policy information, like underwriter and term length, all in their E * TRADE accounts so clients can track their policy.

“Advances in technology have made it possible for customers to purchase life insurance on a simplified and more affordable basis,” said Michael kalen, CEO of Covr. “E * TRADE customers will now have the ability to compare coverage options from some of the top insurers in an easy-to-use process and create an insurance plan that matches their financial needs. “

Consumers are increasingly looking for financial services companies that can help them throughout their financial lives³. Combining Covr’s digital insurance experience with E * TRADE’s award-winning investment platform4 meets the demands of today’s consumers who want an integrated financial services experience from a brand they know5.

“Many investors focus on the effect of market fluctuations on their portfolios, but in reality there is probably no greater risk to a family’s financial future than the death of the main contributor,” said Deniz Ozgenc, executive director of financial product management at E *. Financial TRADE. “Helping clients prepare for the unknown while managing their investments on the E * TRADE platform is a natural solution. The ability to purchase and maintain life insurance policies alongside investments gives our clients a more holistic view of their financial situation. ”

Visit www.etrade.com/insurance to learn more. Watch the experience on the E * TRADE YouTube page.

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  2. Some term life insurance policies are subject to full medical underwriting and are not available for immediate coverage.
  3. 2019 Accenture Global Financial Services Consumers Study
  4. In the 2021 StockBrokers.com Online Brokers Review, E * TRADE received the # 1 Trader App, # 1 Options Trading and # 1 Web Trading Platform awards. In addition, E * TRADE received nine Best in Class honors: Global, Mobile Trading, Offering Investments, Options Trading, Banking, Beginners, IRA, Futures Trading and Active Trading. E * TRADE was rated 4.5 out of 5 stars overall.
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About Covr Financial Technologies
Covr partners with financial brands to provide life insurance solutions to their clients in an efficient and easy way that streamlines the process of buying and selling policies. Covr offers a choice of trusted life insurance products from major insurers, an easy way to compare rates, and the ability to purchase policies in minutes. With its digital insurance solutions, Covr helps financial institutions deliver a great experience under the brand their customers already trust. Covr currently serves over 25,000 financial advisers and over 20 million clients at over 30 financial institutions. More information is available at www.covrtech.com or follow Covr on @covrtech and on LinkedIn.

About E * TRADE Financial Holdings, LLC and Important Notices

E * TRADE Financial Holdings, LLC and its subsidiaries provide financial services, including brokerage and banking products and services to retail clients. Securities products and services are offered by E * TRADE Securities LLC (SIPC member). Commodity futures contracts and options on futures products and services are offered by E * TRADE Futures LLC (NFA member). Managed account solutions are offered by E * TRADE Capital Management, LLC, a registered investment advisor. Banking products and services are offered by E * TRADE Bank, a national federal savings bank (FDIC members). More information is available at www.etrade.com.

E * TRADE Securities LLC provides access to insurance products as part of its relationship with Covr Financial Technologies, Inc. (“Covr”). Covr provides insurance solutions direct to consumers. E * TRADE makes no representations regarding the suitability or otherwise of the products or services provided by Covr and the insurance companies on its platform. Covr and E * TRADE are unaffiliated entities.

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SOURCE Covr Financial Technologies, Inc.

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