Every Indian will get medical insurance benefits, find out what the central government plan is

New Delhi: The government has prepared a new health plan for more than 400 million people without medical insurance facilities (medical insurance) in the country. The government has also identified 21 insurance companies for the same. The government plans to sign a memorandum of understanding between the National Health Authority (NHA) and insurance companies before the pilot project begins. These companies will offer more subsidized coverage to families.

It should be remembered that the benefits of Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana are currently used by around 50 million poor families. It provides insurance coverage of Rs 5 lakh to the whole family. Speaking to the media, a senior government official said the companies would provide “PMJAY clone coverage” to an additional 400 million people on a voluntary basis. He explained that these group covers will be for families who do not have medical insurance. It will also be a big step towards universal health coverage (UHC). The PMJAY plan covers 3 crore of people in various state plans in addition to 50 crore of poor. 15-17 crore are included in core programs like ECHS, ESCI and CGHS. While 140 million people have chosen to purchase insurance from private companies at their own expense.

Even then, more than 400 million people are left behind without medical coverage. This is called the “missing link”. These are people who cannot purchase insurance themselves or benefit from a government plan. The government believes that due to the lack of medical coverage given the covid, this “missing” health expenditure could lead to poverty. In a recent presentation, a senior adviser to the National Health Authority cited a number of reasons, including lack of awareness of not getting medical insurance coverage, poor coverage, expensive products. and expenses.

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