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I refer to Ms. Denise Ho Shi Yi’s letter, “Insurance Claims Denied Because Minor Conditions Were Not Disclosed” (July 17).

This is not the first time that I have encountered cases of insurance companies denying claims based on unrelated or minor illnesses that were inadvertently not reported at the time of purchasing the insurance policy.

This is totally at odds with fair play, even though the fine print gives the big insurance companies, with their army of lawyers, a rock-solid excuse for refusing payment.

Open ended questions in the health declaration forms that people fill out when purchasing a policy give insurers a lot of leeway to withhold payments.

We need a board made up of government officials, insurance professionals and actuaries to determine the fairness of insurers’ decisions about what affects insurability and the amount of premiums.

The board should be allowed to consider the merits of any contested matter, with the power to decide on partial compensation if payment cannot be made in full.

The task of determining whether there have been misrepresentations should not be left to insurers alone – some of whom only have their own pecuniary interests at heart.

Medical insurance payments should be made mandatory by law for claims made by policyholders who have paid premiums continuously for a specified number of years.

Yik Keng Yeong (Dr.)


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