Future Generali launches health insurance for pet dogs

Future Generali India Insurance Company Limited (FGII) has announced the launch of FG Dog Health Cover, a comprehensive health insurance for companion dogs, as well as the first “pet emergency care” cover.

The Pet Minding Rider covers per diem for hiring a sitter or sitter in the event of hospitalization of parents or other family members. The policy premium starts at 323 per month which includes terminal illness, surgery and hospitalization, and mortality. With additional covers, pet owners will also be able to insure their dogs against civil liability, theft or loss, emergency care, veterinary consultation and on-call doctor.

Basic coverage will include funeral expenses, terminal illness, surgery and hospitalization, and death coverage, while riders will include liability coverage, loss and theft coverage, emergency custody coverage for pets, veterinary consultation and doctor on call.

The insurance policy covers companion dogs between the ages of six months and four years for giant breeds and seven years for small, medium and large breeds. The exit age is 10 years for small, medium and large breeds and 6 years for giant breeds.

With FG Dog Health Cover, pet owners will be able to choose their veterinarian, budget their pet care costs, and avoid dipping into emergency funds. The use of this coverage comes with easy documentation.

Ruchika Malhan Varma, Marketing Manager at Future Generali India Insurance (FGII), said: “Dogs tend to find themselves in unexpected situations which may warrant a huge cut in their savings to cover the cost of hospitalization, surgery and other terminal illnesses. Our FG dog health coverage is designed to cover all of this and more to ensure that our pet parents can focus on getting the best health care for their pet dogs without leaving a dent in their pocket. “.

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