How Gainesville Schools Will Change Class Schedule for 2022-2023

In August, schools will move from a 4×4 block schedule to a seven-period schedule, which means classes that currently last around an hour and a half will be shortened to around an hour.

For more than 20 years, the school system has used a 4×4 block schedule in which students take four classes in the first semester and four different classes in the second semester.

Shorter class times will benefit both teachers and students, Superintendent Jeremy Williams said.

“From a teacher’s perspective, you need to have a lot of different transition activities to keep students engaged,” Williams said, adding that in a world of increasingly short attention spans, “90 minutes is far too long to try to absorb the information”.

He said the new schedule will also make it easier for students transferring from other school systems, such as Hall County, to adjust.

The 2022-23 schedule will give students and staff a longer fall break, five days for students and four for staff.

In addition, on final exam days, middle and high school students will be released two hours earlier, around 1 p.m.

“What the half day does is allow our teachers to write everything down in the gradebook, but it also allows our students who need more individualized attention to be able to recoup some of those supports” , Williams said.

The calendar also gives teachers four full days of planning before the open house. After the COVID-19 pandemic, the school system adopted stand-alone open houses, and this will continue. The open days were held at the same time as the pre-planning of the teachers.

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