Janashakthi Life turns the future of life insurance upside down

Leading insurer Janashakthi Insurance PLC has announced the launch of the Janashakthi Life app allowing clients to get the information they need instantly, independently, accurately and conveniently.

The Janashakthi Life app offers a fully digital end-to-end solution coupled with a seamless user experience from purchase, policy issuance, customer service management, including claims, payments and claims. self-service requirements. With this latest initiative, Janashakthi Life enables clients to control and manage their insurance policies from the comfort of their own homes while meeting all of their protection needs.

“Janashakthi Life continues its strategy of digital transformation for growth. This technology-powered and well-thought-out interface is innovatively designed and integrates all key features including customer onboarding, premium payments, policy performance, premium receipts, claims management, service fonts and fast communication. We are delighted to announce the launch of the Janashakthi Life app and make it the most interactive self-service insurance mobile app in the country with its simple and user-friendly interface. The app is designed to meet the dynamic needs of our customers by providing them with a seamless user experience that is efficient and reliable. Customer engagement will definitely be interactive as well anytime and anywhere, ”said Ravi Liyanage – Director / CEO of Janashkthi Life.

Through this initiative, Janashakthi Life has once again disrupted the life insurance industry, making insurance easier and more convenient for everyone, considering the lifestyle of consumers as well as the current reality. Innovation and adaptability are at the heart of the digital transformation strategy of the leading insurer to make its business and operational processes more agile. These initiatives strengthen the sustainability of Janashakthi Life’s business and make the organization greener without paperwork or physical intervention.

Illustrating the company’s agility with strong performance, Janashakthi Life delivered 145% growth in first-year regular premium business in the second quarter with an upward trajectory of gaining two market positions in rising premiums of first year against 2020. Additionally, Janashakthi Life recently recorded 80 Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) qualifiers in 10 months exceeding global standards. Qualification criteria conform to US membership criteria and are the first form of international recognition given to insurance advisors around the world. This milestone demonstrates the solid professional reputation of the sales teams and the high level of work ethic and commitment to excellence. It is also a testament to highlighting the company’s global standards in its approach to products and services.

In order to facilitate continuity of life insurance policies and better accessibility, the company has introduced several ways to pay premiums through online platforms and bank transfers. The online payment portal is designed to facilitate multiple online transactions and is gaining momentum due to its accessibility and convenience. These platforms allow policyholders to make their policy payments online and maintain active policies to ensure their protection needs are met during these difficult times.

In addition, Janashakthi Life has launched several innovative insurance solutions and breakthrough products, including Life Unlimited which offers lifetime hospitalization, Janashakthi COVID Guard – a world first in financial protection against COVID-19, among other products. Janashakthi Life offers a range of life insurance solutions and services that address the various stages of an individual’s life cycle, from childhood to retirement, including education, savings, and savings needs. and investment, health requirements and mortgage protection. Thus, policyholders benefit from a healthy life with solutions that support their goals and lifestyle at every stage of life.

The Janashakthi Foundation and its group companies – First Capital Holdings PLC, Janashakthi Insurance PLC, Orient Finance PLC and Kelsey Developments PLC have played an active role in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic since the start of containment in Sri Lanka in 2020. These relief initiatives include strengthening the security of frontline services, providing immediate dry rations to affected communities, and providing the necessary medical supplies for medical facilities and for the development of hospitals and critical infrastructure. Through the Janashakthi Foundation, the Group is committed to supporting local communities and the nation in times of adversity to strengthen them and help them rebuild their lives.

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