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The typical Binghamton weather – rain, sun, cloud, rain, sun – only underscored the dedication to Binghamton University that hundreds of campus guests showed as they watched student performances, spoke to students and faculty and learning about campus innovations at the campaign launch day on Saturday. , April 9.

But the highlight of the day? The long-awaited announcement from EXCELERATE: Move at Binghamton speed!

“This team here tonight has made an incredible difference so far, but Binghamton hasn’t grown by standing still. We’re ready to shape the future of higher education by what you do from here,” said campaign chair Howard Unger ’82, LHD’19.

“I am thrilled to announce that we plan to more than double any previous Binghamton University campaign and raise $220 million to bring more excellence and speed to Binghamton’s incredible record of success,” did he declare. “And we are already well on the way, having raised $151 million towards that goal. And that number was as of this morning, but I heard it had already increased, so thank you! Be part of Binghamton’s future and join our team!

President Harvey Stenger was unable to attend the launch in person, but the Watters Theater crowd was reminded that supporting the campaign will give the most talented students the chance to achieve their dreams. “You can make sure today’s students can afford to come here, meet and learn from great teachers and mentors, and find ways to discover how to make our world a better place,” Owen said. Pell ’80, LLD ’11, Chairman of the Binghamton University Foundation Board.

A full day of activities led to the final showcase and announcement of campaign goals, with both in-person and virtual events for those off campus. The day was designed to show how EXCELERATE will:

  • provide an exceptional education through internships, programs, and other hands-on learning, such as our first-year research immersion program;
  • make the exceptional accessible by investing in scholarships to broaden the opportunities offered to students; and
  • investing in discovery for a changing world by funding professors and researchers and developing programs with national impact.

In-person events included student presentations on their unique, high-impact learning opportunities; early-career professors conducting research that could impact everyone’s quality of life; and a panel of faculty demonstrating the value of the synergies created through the University’s transdisciplinary approach to solving the big, complex problems facing our world.

The student and faculty presentations were very impressive on two levels, said Dr. Michael Needle ’81. “First of all, it was nice to see young teachers doing groundbreaking work, and the breadth and depth of their work. It shows that the good work done by the University in the past is likely to continue,” he said. “And the students are another measure of the impact the University can and does have. Binghamton is a much stronger, broader and deeper university that will likely continue in this direction.

Wayne Greenfeder, a 1977 alumnus, said it was important to come to campus to feel the energy. “The students are articulate and the faculty – they were fascinating. I learned so much from them in such a short time that I can only imagine what it must be like to spend a semester with them.

Guests had the difficult choice of what to do with their afternoon, having to choose from events on the main campus, at the Health Sciences Campus in

nearby Johnson City, NY, or moving between options which included:

  • learn about the impact of changing demographics on the higher education landscape at the Admissions Center;
  • attend a performance of “Word of Mouth: New Words, Voices and Music,” the collaboration between composers, writers and performers at the Binghamton University Art Museum;
  • attend the inauguration of the Innovation Lab, a collaborative space for our next generation of dreamers and doers;
  • visit special collections of university libraries to see unique materials that enhance, support and encourage research, teaching and learning;
  • visit Watson College’s fabrication lab where students work on synthesis projects to see exhibits of 3D printing, the Mini-Baja car and Mars Rover, among others; or
  • busing to the health sciences campus to see nursing students demonstrate the hands-on training they experience using high-fidelity manikins in the innovative simulation and practice center, and pharmacy students demonstrate their skills in their cutting-edge teaching and research spaces

Guests who visited the Johnson City Health Sciences Campus saw state-of-the-art equipment that will allow students to hone their skills and be ready for their careers.

“I was so impressed with the technology, but even more so with the joy and enthusiasm of the students in their particular programs,” said Dr. Karen Furhman Kerner ’86. “Everyone was thrilled to be there and I can see we’re on an upward trajectory. Not only students, but academicians flock here.

“I’ve had the opportunity to come and see the campus over the years and what the students are doing,” said Joseph Dunn ’10. “I want to be united.”

Dunn’s wife, Mary, called the day phenomenal. “After that, I really want to go back to school and continue my studies!” she says.

During the showcase just before the announcement of the campaign goals, the audience enjoyed performances by the singing, dancing and music students, as well as a video of Sunny Hostin ’90, from the set of View.

“Tonight is about seeing how far we can go,” she said. “We are a global thought leader, jumping into the upper echelon of public universities.”

Just before the campaign announcement, another video was released, including remarks from Stenger. “Faculty and students are our competitive advantage and drive us forward,” he said. “We are moving at the speed of Binghamton. Now is your time. Individually, we are impressive; collectively we are great; together we are unstoppable! You can create the Binghamton University of tomorrow.

Then, as the stage-sized video screen rose out of sight, revealing Unger, Pell and all the student performers, Unger reminded the audience that an incredible difference has already been made by supporters. of the University and the campaign team, but Binghamton hasn’t grown up sitting still. “We are ready to shape the future of higher education by what you all do from here,” he said. “We’ve heard exemplary teachers and students do extraordinary and exciting things.”

Pell echoed those remarks: “For those of you who are already part of this campaign, thank you! For others, now is the time to help us accelerate the future. It’s time to EXCELERATE!

[Cue the streamers and the Edward P. Maloney Memorial Pipe Band to end the showcase as guests exited Watters Theater to watch a projection show on the Couper Administration Building!]

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