Life insurance with a helping hand

Best benefits

Financial professionals help you buy coverage

Mass Mutual connects interested consumers with a financial advisor. The insurer will make a first phone call. The advisor will ask customers who are shopping life insurance questions to identify their financial goals.

Professionals will then review their entire financial situation. Advisors will provide recommendations on life insurance and other products. These professionals help clients get the insurance coverage and other products they may need. They will also work with policyholders to perform periodic reviews of their finances to ensure they remain fully protected.

This extra help can be invaluable for those who are unsure of where to start when it comes to purchasing insurance coverage.

Top customer service

Mass Mutual received a strong customer service rating from JD Power. It was not the top insurer in terms of overall customer satisfaction rate. However, he came in at No. 7 behind State Farm, Nationwide and several other competitors. It was rated well above the industry average. And it beat more than 14 other carriers in the rankings.

Free life insurance program for eligible parents

Mass Mutual offers a LifeBridge program for families eligible for income. It offers free coverage. It is intended to help children pay their education costs after the death of an insured parent or guardian. This free term life insurance coverage lasts for 10 years and provides a death benefit of $ 50,000. The money goes into a trust that distributes it directly to the schools the surviving children attend.

What could be improved?

A wider range of insurance options may be available

Mass Mutual offers several types of life insurance. It also offers disability and long-term care coverage. But it doesn’t offer other insurance options like home insurance, auto insurance, or tenant insurance. Some insurers, including Geico and State Farm, all offer these different types of coverage. They offer more options for multi-policy discounts. And they make life more convenient for those who don’t want to deal with many insurers for their different needs.

Guaranteed emission policies could be proposed

Mass Mutual has terminated its simplified issue whole life insurance policy. This policy offered whole life insurance without medical examination. Without this option available, those interested in obtaining guaranteed emission coverage should look for options elsewhere.

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