“Medical insurance becomes essential to post-pandemic health care”

Health insurance must be common amid a Covid slide to help India overcome a poor global patient safety ranking, KIMSHEALTH Chairman and CEO MI Sahadulla has said.

Even improving its personalized health index, the country ranks 66th in the world on patient safety, said the head of the multi-specialty hospital group founded in 2002, stressing the need for people to have massive medical coverage .

“We would splurge on luxuries such as cars, mansions and jewelry, but refrain from investing around ₹15,000 per year in annual family health insurance,” Sahadulla noted, ahead of an international conference of two days by the Consortium of Accredited Healthcare Organisations.

Kochi will host the 6 and International Conference of the Consortium of Accredited Healthcare Organizations (CAHOCON 2022) between April 2-3, with a focus on “Building a Culture of Safety in Healthcare”. “We need to create better public awareness about medical coverage as a necessity,” he said.

The harmful effects of the pandemic

Sahadulla, who is also chairman of the CAHOCON organizing committee, said health coverage has become essential in today’s world, which is recovering from the adverse effects of the pandemic. “Coronavirus has taught us the need to be aware of the pitfalls of medical care,” he noted. “Health care delivery has never been perfect, even in advanced countries, but Covid-19 has underscored the vitality of protection against health risks.”

Along with low awareness, health care suffers from under-reporting of medical errors and insufficient training of hospital staff, he said. India, unlike the West, is not endowed with solid statistics allowing the country to opt for a futuristic health policy.

Hospitals should refrain from appointing doctors with just one doctor as consultants, he said, emphasizing professional experience and excellence in addition to good communication skills. “In the new era, hospitals must embrace automation to minimize medical errors.” Exemplary infrastructure is also a prerequisite for patient safety in a hospital, he added.

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April 01, 2022

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