Medical Insurance for Birth Defects Now Available – The New Indian Express

By Express press service

NEW DELHI: Relief appears to be in sight for parents struggling to provide medical help to their newborn babies facing birth defects. The Indian Association of Pediatric Surgeons contracted the private insurance company Star Health and Allied Insurance Company Limited who agreed to help
such cases.

The executive committee and chairman of the Association of Pediatric Surgeons Delhi, Dr. Shilpa Sharma, informed that the number of neonatal beds for birth defects is very less in government hospitals.

“Many parents are rushing to town in search of treatment for these abnormalities. The cost of neonatal intensive care is exorbitant and unaffordable for ordinary mortals. Newborns are often faced with very complicated health situations. The bill is in the hundreds of thousands of dollars that many families are unable to pay. The insurance is going to help so many families,” she added.

According to the association, insurance companies do not provide coverage for birth defects or surgical problems during infancy. “This is a heavy financial burden for many families who do not have the financial freedom to have their child treated at the hospitals of their choice. This has led many couples to opt for abortion of their child,” the associate said.

Dr Sharma said this development will improve the health of children with birth defects. “Pregnant women can be admitted to centers where there are facilities for neonatal surgery. The baby will receive the necessary care shortly after birth,” she said.

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