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Insurance provider Sanford Health Plan now offers Sanford Backup, a new limited-term short-term insurance plan in South and North Dakota.

This option is ideal for those who find themselves temporarily without insurance coverage.

“It is for those who are in between jobs, who have missed the open annual registration window or perhaps lost group coverage,” said Jennie Nickles, executive vice president of Great Plains Brokerage.

Differences with traditional plans

She says things like preventative care, prescription drugs or pre-existing conditions are not covered by Sanford Safeguard.

This plan differs from traditional Affordable Care Act plans, which provide more comprehensive coverage for medical and drug benefits.

“It’s important to meet with a local insurance agent to explain the differences in detail,” she said.

“The key is that you need to have a qualifying life event such as a marriage, loss of group coverage, or move to a new service area to be able to purchase bridging coverage,” Nickles added.

There are pre-existing limitations on short-term limited-time plans. For example, if a patient is pregnant at the time of the enrollment attempt, she would not be eligible.

Sanford Safeguard and similar plans are meant to be transitional insurance plans.

“Since you can only buy them for terms of three and six months at a time, they’re designed to cover things like doctor visits, urgent and urgent coverage, $ 0 virtual care, and cash discounts. added value on prescriptions, ”Nickles said.

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Differences from other short-term plans

Nickles says Sanford Safeguard can “take a patient’s plan further” than other short-term, limited-time coverages.

“With Sanford Safeguard, you have access to our regional network of more than 25,000 suppliers. And a national network when traveling or for students residing outside our service area, ”she added.

Sanford is also adding additional coverage to the plan with $ 0 virtual care.

“We market this product only through our trained and licensed insurance agents to ensure that you understand your options and the coverage you are purchasing, so that we can provide you with a plan option that meets your needs, to your lifestyle and your budget. “

To learn more about the plan’s limits and benefits, contact Sanford Health Plan.

Where can I find it? How do I register?

Short term limited time plans cannot be found in the federal market. Instead, they are purchased through health insurance companies.

Signing up for Sanford Safeguard is as easy as answering a few questions, says Nickles.

“We ask you a series of questions about health. If you answer “no” to all of the questions, you are accepted by the plan.

Services can start immediately. However, a registrant must be a resident of South or North Dakota and between the ages of 2 and 64.

To purchase the plan, contact your local insurance agent.

You can also call Sanford Health Plan To 888-535-4831 be connected to a local insurance agent.

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