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Long-standing travel insurance access issues faced by vets and handlers working on live export vessels have been resolved, with Nutrien Ag Solutions and the industry’s leading consultancy launching a new product on measure.

The pandemic has exacerbated the need for affordable live travel insurance, especially medical coverage, with the costs of treatment and return flights if someone contracts COVID while in a foreign port of up to hundreds of thousands.

The inability for sub-contractors, who are not covered by the insurance policies of export companies, to obtain cover – or the exorbitant costs where it was available – prevented the crew of ships.

Industry representatives said it had reached the point where ships would not have set sail last year if some stocks had not taken the risk and traveled uninsured.

Given the rush for staff already at stake, this was a serious challenge for the industry, said Australian Cattle Exporters Council chief executive Mark Harvey-Sutton.


Nutrien Ag Solutions became aware of the problem through its corporate partnership roles with ALEC and worked to find a solution, involving the insurance broker Marsh and ultimately the insurer, Accident and Health International.

The result was the launch just before Christmas of a trip-by-trip insurance product tailored to livestock export business.

Nutrien Ag Solutions insurance manager for the South East, Chris Agnew, said it was clear that reasonably priced insurance for vets and stockies was key to keeping the ex-living trade afloat.

“As individuals, they had no chance of getting insurance, so our approach used economies of scale,” he said.

“It’s in our DNA to find solutions for agricultural industries and the wider regional communities they support.”

Several dozen trips have been covered so far which, given the greatly reduced nature of live animal export at the moment due to a severe shortage of livestock supply, is an extremely strong.

“Developing a bespoke insurance solution for the live animal export industry provides reassurance that there are options and cover in place in case things do not go as planned. “said Mr. Agnew.

“A nice feature is a 24-hour helpline available for policyholders who need medical assistance abroad.”

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The story of the medical insurance win for live crews first appeared on Farm Online.

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