Meet the candidates in this Q&A

Incumbent Z. Andre Huff will take on WMGJ Radio’s Fred Zackery in the election for District 3 representative to the Gadsden City School Board on August 23.

The Times asked each candidate for their short-term goals and long-term goals if elected; responses are published as submitted, subject to minor changes.

Z. André Huff

Platform Overview: As a member of the City of Gadsden Schools Board for District 3, I will continue to work wholeheartedly to ensure our school system provides a quality education that includes an academic environment fair, inclusive, diverse, and safe that allows our students to thrive after high school.

Short term goals:

Advocate for additional funding to help pay for full-time Resource Officers at each school in the town of Gadsden.

Ensure that all middle school students have an equal opportunity to access educational resources, stable funding, more course offerings, and enhanced programs.

Continue to play a key role in hiring qualified and diverse employees.

Encourage the implementation of a tracking system for all students, from kindergarten to 12th grade, to manage their career development, which helps to ensure that students are exposed to different career paths and courses, offering everyone the ability to succeed in life.

Establish meaningful ways to work more effectively with municipal leaders to gain support for school program funding.

Develop a specific program to enhance parent involvement in their child’s school learning experience and career development.

Long term goals:

Accountability: Create a culture of accountability within the school board and administration that will ensure that decisions will have a positive impact on all students and staff.

Ensuring the Success of All Students: As a member of the City of Gadsden Schools Board of Trustees for District 3, I will work diligently to ensure that all students have access to an equal and diverse learning environment providing all students with high-quality teaching and learning centered on a post-secondary curriculum; appropriate assessments that provide accurate measures of student performance; the help of a counselor focused on each student with a career-oriented educational project; and provide teachers with strong professional development opportunities.

Providing Resources for All Students: As a member of the City of Gadsden Schools Board of Trustees for District 3, I will continue to ensure that all students receive the necessary resources that will enable them to achieve their educational potential and to develop policies and practices to overcome barriers. that students face.

Fred Zackery

My goal is to promote community reading programs with a focus on developing reading skills in children at age 3. I want to create community reading rooms, basic needs with appropriate tools, provide the necessary specialists and resources to achieve the desired objective(s), set benchmarks for evaluation and evaluate

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