Menifee woman charged with medical insurance fraud – press enterprise


A Menifee woman and her daughter are suspected of having filed several fraudulent disability insurance claims, citing football injuries and snake bites, which have cost an insurer tens of thousands of dollars, authorities said .

Hazel Edwards, 59, and her 38-year-old daughter, Laquita Lowe of Chula Vista, were arrested and held at the Byrd Detention Center in French Valley on Thursday, December 17 on suspicion of theft and misrepresenting insurance. They have since been released on their own accord.

According to the California Department of Insurance, the couple were trapped in a statewide operation dubbed “Double Trouble,” which began in 2018, focusing on insurance fraud.

According to investigators, the suspects submitted false statements that brought in $ 212,307 in profits, mostly from AFLAC.

Edwards claimed crippling injuries resulting from softball, fell from a stepladder and were bitten by a snake, according to the Department of Insurance.

Lowe also claimed a snake bite, as well as hitting his head in an unexplained fall and playing football, investigators said.

“Department detectives confirmed to reported health care providers that Edwards and Lowe had not been admitted to any of their medical facilities and had not been treated by them for the alleged injuries they reported,” according to a press release. “They also confirmed that medical records submitted to AFLAC in support of disability claims were not completed or generated by healthcare providers and were in fact fraudulent documents.”

The Insurance Department alleges that Edwards ultimately admitted to committing fraud and implicating his daughter.

Riverside County and San Diego County Sheriff’s detectives have assisted in the investigation of the case, which will be prosecuted in Los Angeles County.

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