National Medical Insurance Administration: according to the market supply situation, compete moderately for the purchase of drugs with quantity, and do not pursue the lowest price

11 Feb 2022 13:59 (GMT+8)

The State Information Office held a regular political briefing today. Chen Jinfu, deputy director of the state medical security administration, explained that at the rule level, bidding rules are set for specific varieties and competition patterns. For example, bidding rules, volume ratio, deal period, who will report volume, and who will choose volume in the middle of volume, all of which should be carefully crafted for the varieties. For sufficiently competitive varieties, such as chemical drugs, the agreed supply volume normally reaches more than 80%. The higher the agreed supply volume, the higher the market coverage of winning products and the greater the benefit to the masses. At the same time, we should appropriately compete according to the market supply. The national health insurance office does not seek the lowest price and resolutely opposes the ongoing auctions, which cannot achieve the balance of several dynamic objectives. The national medical insurance bureau does not specifically anchor the lowest international price, because China is on the road to common prosperity. Chinese people can also eat good medicine, and the medical insurance fund can afford this kind of medicine at a reasonable price.

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