National Medical Insurance urged to provide broad access to health care through health insurance

Nationwide Medical Insurance (NMI) Executive Chairman Nana Awuah – Darko Ampem II urged employees to consider the health needs of individuals and families and provide them with affordable health insurance policies.

According to him, this will allow NMI to realize its vision of becoming the leading financier of health services in the private medical sector.

Nana Awuah – Darko Ampem II said that private health insurance should not be the preserve of the wealthy or the elite, but also of people from less privileged backgrounds and underserved communities. He indicated that this can be made possible by leveraging technology.

“People from all walks of life, especially in the retail industry, should have health insurance. Between pension insurance, life insurance and health insurance, health insurance is the most important because it is what you need to stay healthy during your working years and even during your retirement. This vision is possible and it can only be accelerated by leveraging technology. He said

He pleaded with employees to believe in Nationwide’s vision and see themselves as agents in making this dream come true. He also thanked the employees for their dedication and hard work for the success of the company.

Nana Awuah – Darko Ampem II made the remarks during the launch of the Brand Awareness Campaign organized to help raise awareness of the NMI brand among employees, but also to help them understand and appreciate the reason for being, the brand vision and values.

The campaign aimed to spark conversations about creating a vibrant and thriving internal culture defined by NMI values

Nationwide Medical Insurance Chief Executive Nancy Ampah said Nationwide Medical Insurance is a forward-looking company and even before the advent of universal health coverage, the company’s founders were driven by the need to provide access to quality and affordable services. health care on the insurance vehicle.

She told employees to see themselves as part of a company that aims to make a difference in society, the lives of its followers, and the industry as a whole. “We will continue to support this momentum and together build a culture that puts our values ​​into action and serves everyone,” she added.

The CEO of Strategic Communications Africa Limited (Stratcomm Africa), Ms. Esther AN Cobbah, who spoke about the responsibilities of employees as brand ambassadors of NMI, advised every NMI staff member to be the embodiment of what NMI stands for. She said, “As NMI brand ambassadors, everything you do should reflect the NMI brand promise of reliability.

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