Northwest Arkansas Council asks for dollars for US bailout


FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (KNWA / KFTA) – Vaccination efforts continue in northwest Arkansas. However, county and city officials are divided over how best to go about it.

The Northwest Arkansas Council has asked each city and county to contribute to a collective immunization fund.

Nonetheless, one county says it will only help if the money goes to the clinics themselves ”and not to marketing.

“A lot of money has gone through our state legislator and been invested in the media, and I don’t think anyone knows COVID-19 is a problem,” said Carrie Perrien Smith, county justice of the peace. by Benton. district 5.

Smith wasn’t the only one voting against the ordinance at the special quorum court meeting.

District 6 Justice of the Peace Brian Armas says he also has reservations about the US bailout dollars going to public information campaigns and not just the clinics themselves.

“The concerns of our constituents were that we didn’t want to spend $ 1 million on vaccine marketing,” says Armas.

The Northwest Arkansas Council’s executive director for healthcare transformation said if the Benton County stipulation continues, it’s something it could bypass.

“At the end of the day, being a service to the community, we’re going to do right by that’s our goal,” said Ryan Cork.

However, he says money from other counties and cities, used for public information campaigns, will be used effectively through educational advertisements.

“Being able to be accessible, but open and transparent. About what’s going on, what are the benefits of the vaccine, what would potentially be a side effect of getting the shot and not getting the shot, ”Cork explains.

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