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The presidential candidates, Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, have very different positions on the issue of education. Many students believe that education will be a deciding factor for them when it comes time to vote in this year’s presidential election.
“I am very much in favor of Obama’s plan to make the university more affordable for students,” said Amanda Davis, principal in public relations at Bloomsburg University, “It tries to help students and to give them the financial support they need to be successful without trying to drown them in debt.
President Barack Obama has an educational plan to help make college education more affordable for students through increases in the Pell Grant and by providing incentives to schools that keep tuition reasonable. According to csmonitor.com, Mitt Romney plans to cut discretionary spending further, and if that plan materializes, the reduction would be roughly $ 115 billion in K-12 and higher education over 10 years.

Davis, 21, said she would definitely vote for Obama because she believes in his perspective of helping students not only get a proper education but affordable. She wears an Obama pin almost every day to show her support.

“Romney doesn’t want to help fund student loans, he just wants to cut college funding and raise tuition fees,” Davis said. “Obama is for the people – and I love it.”

The issue of education affects students across the country. Quinton Johnson, who is currently out of college for financial reasons like many other students, said he also supports Obama’s education plan.

“Romney seems a little out of touch with average Americans. He doesn’t seem to want to help people with their financial difficulties, ”said Johnson, 20.

Johnson attended three different schools, including the Art Institute of Philadelphia, but unfortunately had to drop out due to problems obtaining financial aid. He now owes the school money and is currently working at Cricket Wireless to help him pay off his debt.
“Obama has a great online education plan for the future,” Johnson said. “He plans to help students get more federal support so they can afford to go to college. Romney’s response to college education was “borrow from your parents,” how does that help? “
A few months ago, Mitt Romney attended a conference and was asked how he would help make college education more affordable for students.

According to Whitehouse.gov, Obama is proposing that he will create incentives for states and colleges to keep costs under control with a $ 1 billion investment. Obama already created a plan, known as “The Race to the Top,” in 2009, but Obama hopes to continue that push in the hopes that colleges will jump on the change, and any state or school that does. reward.
“I have student loans and I know my parents won’t be able to send my sister to college,” said Tia Franzone, a junior public relations student at BU.
“I can’t expect them to pay for me, and I’m going to have to start paying off the loans six months after I graduate, so for Romney to say borrowing money from your parents is absolutely scandalous, ”said Franzone.
Obama and Romney have their own plan for the future regarding the education problem. However, education is fair a of the many problems these presidential candidates face throughout this presidential election. Many students think Obama is for the people and Romney is not, but only the ballots will tell who will come out on top in this year’s election.




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