Old Mutual launches medical insurance cover for cancer patients

NAIROBI, Kenya, July 13 – The Old Mutual Business has launched enhanced medical coverage with the inclusion of critical illness insurance benefits.

Thus, clients under the Afyaimara family cover will have access to a cash benefit of Shs 750,000 upon first diagnosis of a critical illness such as cancer.

This product enhancement is a collaboration between Old Mutual General Insurance which provides the Afya Imara family cover and Old Mutual Life Assurance Kenya which will underwrite the critical illness insurance benefit. This move aims to improve the health insurance experience for Kenyans.

In his remarks at the launch, Ken Omami, Head of Customer Experience and Loyalty for the former mutual general insurance and health business, said: “We believe this new benefit further distinguishes the customer value proposition of Afya Imara ahead of other medical insurance plans in the market. This truly demonstrates our commitment to our goal of transforming lives and enabling our clients’ financial goals by delivering on our promises,”

In the past, a critical illness benefit was not integrated with conventional medical coverage, and so clients had to seek alternatives through fundraising and asset offloading, which derailed their financial stability.

“As a business, Old Mutual has bridged this gap to meet the needs of customers, as critical illness insurance was designed for vulnerable times such as the announcement of a cancer diagnosis,” said Evans Manduku. , Managing Director Life Distribution.

In this market-first solution, Afya Imara family coverage customers will have peace of mind in the event of a critical illness diagnosis, because in addition to what is already covered in the product offering for these illnesses, the coverage will now provide cash payment – out of Kshs. 750,000 when first diagnosed with specific serious illnesses, including cancer, stroke, heart attack, kidney failure and paralysis.

For all levels of inpatient cover, Old Mutual Insurance will pay a cash lump sum of Ksh 750,000 if the policyholder or any of their covered family members is diagnosed with any of these conditions. This benefit will go a long way to bridging the gap between hospitalization sublimits for newly diagnosed chronic conditions and treatment costs.

Old Mutual Group changed its name in May 2022, seeing it migrate from the trading name UAP Old Mutual Group. The company seeks to drive innovation in financial services solutions, which will enable African households to achieve financial stability.

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