Ontario Teachers’ Insurance Plan selects Starling Minds as digital mental health platform for its 160,000 members

VANCOUVER, BC, July 12, 2022 /CNW/ – Ontario Teachers’ Insurance Plan (OTIP) has chosen Starling Minds, a leading digital cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) training platform to deliver personalized mental health programs to more than 160,000 Ontariobased educators.

Starling Minds offers immediate, unlimited, personalized digital mental health support that is confidential and available 24/7 for OTIP members. Developed by leading CBT psychologists, Starling’s program provides preventative support, early intervention and return to work support for people with mild to moderate symptoms, enabling therapy and counseling services guided by the man to focus on more serious mental health issues.

“After an extensive RFP process reviewing the latest mental health tools and offerings, we are proud to announce Starling Minds as a key partner to provide an additional, proactive mental health support and training tool to our valued members of education,” says Vic Medland, CEO of OTIP. “We are confident that the Starling platform will provide our members with the personalized support, skills and training they need to help them meet challenges in their professional and personal lives.”

Starling offers a wide range of digital mental health interventions that personalize support and training based on each individual’s symptoms, background, personality, learning styles, exam results and program interactions. . Digital mental health support and training programs include:

  • Skills building sessions that provide psychoeducation, mental conditioning training, and support based on exam results and a member’s symptoms
  • Personalized content such as dynamically generated self-guided modules, hands-on exercises, and proprietary video libraries to support different learning styles and lifestyles
  • Peer support community encourage peer interactions and social connections to help normalize mental health and reduce feelings of loneliness and isolation
  • CBT Tools such as mood tracking and thought balancing to help members develop self-awareness, skills and daily self-care practices
  • Aggregated reports to help OTIP gain powerful insights into overall utilization, industry stressors, and overall organizational health levels

“Starling Minds is honored to be a trusted partner of OTIP,” says Peter OxleyCEO of Starling Minds. “Educators are such an important cornerstone of our society and face a unique set of challenges and stressors in the classroom and beyond. We are so grateful that OTIP entrusted Starling with the care of ‘helping its members learn and master everyday skills to improve their mental health.’

With personalized and dynamic content tailored specifically to each individual’s needs, 80% of educators are healthier after using Starling, with a 58% improvement in anxiety and a 62% improvement in depression scores.

To learn more about Starling Minds, visit starlingminds.com.

About Starling Minds

Starling Minds™ is a digital mental health platform that offers immediate, unlimited, personalized digital cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). Developed by leading psychologists, Starling’s digital mental health platform is powered by an expert system that emulates the processes and practices of human-guided therapy to remove the biggest barriers preventing employees from accessing Affordable and Effective Mental Health Care: Cost, Access and Stigma.

About OTIP

Across all lines of insurance, OTIP provides coverage to more than 200,000 education employees in the province. Owned by from Ontario four education affiliates (AEFO, ETFO, OECTA and OSSTF/FEESO) and governed by a Board of Directors, OTIP was founded on the belief that educators would be best served by a non-profit insurance advocate on the education community.

For more information, visit www.OTIP.com.

SOURCEStarling Minds Inc.

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