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According to the 2022 PCT-NPMA Salary and Benefits Survey, 48% of PMPs said salary was the most important issue for new hires. As such, it was essential to ensure that pay rates were competitive.

Fox Pest Control, which operates in 14 markets, conducts annual audits and adjusts salaries as necessary to meet local and job-specific salary requirements. “When we did the annual audit in 2020, we increased the compensation for several positions in different areas, which actually allowed us to attract and retain more employees in specific markets,” Mike said. Romney, co-founder of the company. Fox employees are paid by the hour or year and receive bonuses for meeting goals and commissions on sales.

In central Illinois, American Pest Control has long paid a higher wage than other service companies. New technicians receive a base hourly wage plus a production bonus and can earn $50,000 a year after two years of building and selling routes with no limit on how much they can earn. A few go-getters at the Hanna City-based company earn between $75,000 and $100,000 a year.

“We pay them a lot better, and I think that helps us retain employees and get better employees,” says Doug Hillman, American’s chief human resources officer.

New technicians at Rose Pest Solutions in Northfield, Illinois are paid hourly during training and then move into production, earning 18.5% of job value to start. “We do this because we want people to earn the maximum compensation they can get when they go into production,” said Angela Persinger, human resources manager.

Pest control companies increased or planned to increase salaries by about 2.8% on average for all positions in 2021, according to the survey. Salary increases were on average based on merit (around 42%), seniority (around 26%) and cost of living (around 25%). Over the past two years, on average about 25% of companies have changed the way they compensate their employees.

Stacy O’Reilly, president of Plunkett’s Pest Control in Fridley, Minnesota, hasn’t changed her pay structure to attract new technicians — “I’m not going to pay a new hire more than a 20-year veteran” — but she did so to guarantee them a minimum income the first year. “We know they can earn that much, but unless you guarantee it, it feels like a dangerous leap into a new career,” she explained.

Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions in St. Louis has increased its starting hourly wage. New hires start as hourly workers, transition to an hourly production mix, then transition to full production. “I’ve always believed in trying to pay people the best you can and make a career out of it. The best way to do this is to increase productivity and give them all the tools at your disposal to help them succeed. We had a pretty good formula and were able to retain people,” President Mike Rottler said.

Sprague Pest Solutions in Tacoma, Wash., raised pay by $1 an hour for employees who have been vaccinated against COVID-19. The goal was two-fold: “To get people vaccinated, as well as put us in a more competitive market for overall salaries,” said human resources director Leila Haas.

Candidates who prioritize salary are generally not suitable for Apex Pest Control in Milton, Ontario. “If it’s about money and it’s about money first, they’ll leave you tomorrow for any kind of raise,” President Doug Smith said.

Frontline workers were typically offered overtime pay, the survey found. Too much overtime, however, wore them down.

Short-staffed during peak season, Hopper Termite & Pest added extra end-of-day appointments to routes and asked technicians to pick two Saturdays a month to work. “In May or June, it wasn’t too difficult. In August it was like, okay, we’ll pick one for you then,” said Mark Hopper, who also raised the hourly wage. He hopes that by spring “we will have staff”, which will make overtime unnecessary.

Bonus and sales commission plans varied by position. Braman Termite & Pest Elimination in Agawam, Mass., awards technicians bonuses of up to $400 each quarter when the team meets goals for quality of service, safe driving, and reduced calls and expenses.

“The money employees save by doing all of these attributes correctly just goes back into their pockets,” explained Jake Lazarus, who leads recruiting efforts at the company. Braman also raises wages when employees get new pest control licenses. This strengthens their knowledge and allows them to perform other services. “Keeping it interesting is definitely one of the keys to retaining people,” Lazarus said.

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