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CANFIELD – Local school district officials in Canfield are developing a plan for its facilities.

A committee has been formed and is currently reviewing data from a survey. Planning for the committee will include if, how and when voters are asked to help pay for the changes.

The survey took place in October and responded to 742 residents, which pleased Superintendent Joe Knoll. He said that generally, communities with Canfield’s population are happy to get about half that number.

“The largest percentage of those who responded were parents of school-aged children,” Knoll said. “We had 12% of grandparents. ”

The results showed that 76.7% had children in the district, 73.3% were residents and 9.6% were district employees.

Key survey results showed 62.3% believe Canfield’s schools are in poor condition. As for the progress of a facilities project, 92.5% said they thought it was time.

“When you walk past our buildings, they look good and are well maintained,” Knoll said, “but 60% of those surveyed said they knew the age of our buildings.”

The high school was built in 1966 and although it has undergone some renovations over the years, it presents challenges to the use of technology.

“The high school media center is not designed for today’s technology,” said district communications director Renee English. “I will receive an SMS, but I will not receive it until I leave the building. ”

Canfield’s two elementary schools were also not designed for today’s technology. CH Campbell was built in 1961 and Hilltop Elementary in 1970. The oldest building in the neighborhood is Canfield Village Middle School, where the original section of the building was built in 1922. It is made of brick and stone and once served as Canfield’s secondary school. . It occupies 168,000 square feet.

In response to the survey, the district formed a committee of 40 stakeholders including residents, bankers, business owners and school employees. The committee was tasked with developing a plan for the future.


“The committee is a true cross-section of our community,” Knoll said. “Each of them has skin in the game.”

The committee met almost weekly and discussed what the future of Canfield schools will look like and a roadmap on how to get there. The key ingredients of this vision come from the three main elements revealed by the survey results. In order from the top, these are educational value, cost and safety.

Knoll said with these three key factors in mind, it is the education council’s vision to evolve into a campus-like setting. The place where such a campus would be developed is pending now. The neighborhood still has 22 acres on Shields Road, across from the Canfield Baseball Club. The high school is the largest land of 30 acres.

Knoll said it’s unlikely that it all can come together at the same time. He said it could take several steps over many years to achieve the concept of a campus.

As to the likelihood of asking voters for more money for the first phase, Knoll said: “We hope to have a recommendation (from the committee) by the end of the year or in January. We could see a bond issue in the May 2022 poll. ”

“We’re still looking at the options,” Knoll said. “We are forever committed to creating an educational environment that challenges every student to achieve their highest potential. Every cardinal counts.

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