Parents of students at St Albert The Great are calling on the Minister for Education to step in and roll out a contingency plan

Parents of students at St Albert The Great College in Valletta have called on Education Minister Clifton Grima to intervene immediately.

The current situation at the college has been described as a ‘crisis’ after nearly a quarter of college staff resigned following the dismissal of former headmaster Mario Mallia.

“We, the parents and guardians of children attending St. Albert the Great College, are deeply concerned about the crisis facing the school and the negative repercussions affecting our children,” the parents and guardians said in a statement. letter to the minister. .

“We are concerned for the health, safety and well-being of our children, and know that just days into this school year, the situation has rapidly deteriorated from bad to worse, despite assurances that we received from the college administration,” they said.

Parents also spoke of the fact that nearly a quarter of staff have resigned, all of which are very much needed positions for the college to meet its educational commitments.

“We are also concerned that our children have already missed a considerable number of learning hours and indications are that these missed lessons will increase in the weeks to come, with irreversible repercussions, particularly on pupils who will be soon to take their SEC exams,” they said.

They even say they are helpless because the students who need the most support are the most disadvantaged in this situation.

“We don’t have a clear and transparent picture of the most important events happening in the
college due to a lack of communication from the school administration, and are not guaranteed that the situation will be resolved soon enough for our children’s own children.
well due to understaffing and serious planning on the part of the college management,”

Parents also fear that in a few weeks, the situation in college will completely collapse to the detriment of their children.

“Therefore, we request that the Minister of Education and all those who hold competent authority over the education of our children do whatever is necessary to ensure that the contingency plan announced by His Excellency l Archbishop of Malta can come into effect with a healing process for this educational community.

A contingency plan had been announced days before the start of the new school year, in case the college was unable to cope with the current situation.

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