“Provide medical insurance coverage to guest speakers”

UGC Tamil Nadu All Government College Honorary Qualified Lecturers Association urged the Chief Minister to cover teachers in this category with medical insurance.

Citing the death of a guest lecturer at the Orathanadu Goverment Arts College, the association’s state president V. Thangaraj said reasonable compensation must be provided to the families of guest lecturers who die in harness. It would be ideal to cover visiting lecturers at all public colleges under a group insurance plan, Mr Thangaraj said, seeking sufficient compensation for the family of the visiting lecturer at the Orathanad Government Arts College who was in service since 2007.

Unlike the old constituent units of other universities in the state where teachers at institutions that have been converted to public colleges receive 20,000 as a monthly salary, those at 10 of these institutions under Bharathidasan University receive only 15,000. In the past five months, guest speakers only received a salary for three months, due to which they faced growing problems on a personal level. So far, 13 guest speakers have died from emotional stress and illness, he said.

Insufficient remuneration made matters worse; There have been cases where several guest speakers have divorced their spouses due to the financial situation, Mr Thangaraj said. More than 10 guest speakers have retired from their temporary positions, he added.

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