RateQuote™ Launches Under-65 Healthcare Platform, Complementing Its Medical Insurance Vertical

RateQuote™, a free nationwide consumer insurance comparison platform, is expanding its product line to include under-65 health insurance. This comes on the heels of its Medicare launch in November.

“We’re ready for a big exit in under-65 healthcare,” said Scott Sullivan, president of RateQuote. “Our offering will serve customers looking for ACA products, as well as popular alternatives such as Short-Term Medical Allowance and Fixed Allowance. Customer choice will always be at the forefront of our platform.

RateQuote.com’s new under 65 health care offering simplifies the health insurance process by using its proprietary GreatQuote™ matching algorithm and enabling shoppers of all ages to find quality, affordable coverage through to RateQuote™. The new offering provides enough variety in carrier coverage that customers can find both traditional health plans and low-cost alternatives.

As an independent provider of insurance information and options, RateQuote™ works with insurers to streamline the shopping experience and make insurance selection a reliable, hassle-free experience. To learn more, visit https://www.ratequote.com/.

About RateQuote™

RateQuote™ is a leading provider of personalized insurance information. Working with partner insurance providers, RateQuote™ aggregates and ranks coverage options, saving buyers time and effort while helping them make the best possible coverage decision. Simplify your insurance purchases with a GreatQuote™. Learn more at https://www.ratequote.com/.

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