Retired bank workers raise pension and medical insurance questions

After a two-year hiatus, the State Bank of Mysore Pensioners’ Commune (SBMPC) has brought together retired bank workers with the aim of solving their various pension and medical insurance related issues.

SBMPC Secretary CN Prasad recounted the commune’s efforts to get the Association of Indian Banks to address the pension issue.

Prior to the event, Prasad explained to DH issues raised at the communal office. “Since the date of the introduction of the pension, there has been no increase in the pension in public sector banks.

“The annual health insurance premium to be paid is another problem that many retirees face because the pension amount is too low to pay for health insurance. What we are asking for is free medical insurance for all retirees,” he said.

SBMPC Member KN Srinivas Rao said, “After the merger of the State Bank of Mysore, retired employees are mistreated when approaching SBI about any issue.”

The event also addressed the challenges faced by senior citizens and launched a body donation campaign.

Dr. CR Chandrashekhar, a retired professor from Nimhans, said: “With the pension, we have several health problems that remain for life.” He asked people to stop worrying and get active by joining social service organizations. He stressed the need for a healthy diet and daily exercise. He also encouraged the public to pledge to donate organs.

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