Salary remains the main motivating factor for 74% of Indians; benefits such as medical insurance are also important, survey finds

More than 50% of professionals are eager to change jobs in the next three months. Across all fields, 4 out of 5 professionals would like to continue in the same job profile. According to a survey, the majority of respondents are certain of their favorite place/city to work.

The year 2022 has brought new hope among professionals with markets slowly opening up again. To find out more about what professionals in the growing workforce are looking forward to this year,, India’s largest professional networking platform, conducted an ‘Apna Bharat Back to Work’ study. .

Speaking about the latest results of the ‘Apna Bharat Back to Work’ survey, Karna Chokshi, Chief Operating Officer,, said, “Increased workforce is the backbone of any business today and it’s important for organizations to grow. We are sure that employers will take the survey results seriously and support us in improving working standards for the growing workforce.


Candidates apply for an average of 5 jobs per month

The study also reveals that on average candidates apply for at least 5 jobs per month. Over 50% are active job seekers on job platforms, 22% of respondents continue to search for jobs all the time while 30% search once every two months.

Main triggers for new job searches

Higher salary: Around 74% of users said they want a higher salary, while 37% of users are looking for career advancement. While professionals in Tier I cities are more ambitious when seeking employment, Tier II users are largely driven by higher salaries.

Career progression: However, respondents who seek career progression as their primary motivator are still open to the idea of ​​getting a different job, as money continues to be the primary motivator, but they see this job as a temporary solution. while they are always looking for the good. type of job form the basis of their aspirations.

Advantages and Benefits: The growing workforce is now looking for additional benefits such as medical insurance for themselves and their families, benefits such as daycare services for child care, etc., while considering employment.

The two main preferred areas: Data entry and back office work emerged as the top two favorite areas when asked about their job category preference.

Popular Remote Work Choice: Most individuals preferred to search for work from home (WFH) as a category itself. What started as a pandemic trend has now become a game changer for the industry. The WFH has particularly increased among the female workforce in India. Compared to men, more women are seeking remote employment, with reduced commuting time as a main motivation that can offer flexible working hours allowing them to support their domestic work/seek other forms of income generation such as home tuition

Young people looking for part-time work: The country’s youth are also becoming more independent as many school/university students seek part-time jobs to fund themselves – their main motivation is to ensure they can fund their education, which places less of a burden on their family.

First-year students seeking education/course-related jobs: New grads/recent graduates are mainly looking for jobs related to their courses or studies, however, money being the main motivating factor, they apply for other jobs in an attempt to make it a “stopgap” solution in their life while they are still in search of their ambitious work

Candidates are looking for “Respectability”: The essence of finding a job is to get a “respectable job” in their company and the definition of respectable could be anything from a desk job to an executive in the field.

Online job searches in the past two years: Online job search has also increased over the past two years due to the pandemic and is rapidly being adopted by Pan-India users.

Over the past few months, apna has seen phenomenal growth with over 22 million users, over 200,000 employer partners and a presence in over 60 cities in India and counting. The platform currently enables more than 18 million interviews and 35 million professional conversations per month, he said.

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Posted: Wednesday, March 30, 2022, 1:50 PM IST

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