Savings week; Life insurance in the spotlight: 100 years in insurance

Here is an article that appeared in the December 29, 1921 issue of The National Underwriter Life Insurance Edition.

In the “National Savings Week” which will take place from January 17 to 23, life insurance takes pride of place, with the third day of the campaign being “Life Insurance Day”. This movement is encouraged by the YMCA in collaboration with 42 civic, national, business, educational and religious organizations.

Its purpose is to emphasize the importance of wise spending and the urgent need to pay attention to vital savings needs.

The week will be spent on the budget, life insurance, buying a home, paying bills promptly, making donations and a day writing wills. It is intended to educate the general public on all matters of earning, spending, investing, saving and giving. Everyone will be asked to budget, record expenses, have a bank account, purchase life insurance, own a home, make a will, pay bills quickly, invest in safe securities and share with others.

Life Insurance Day

Life insurance has been allocated one day in the program.

In order for the public to pay attention to this vital topic and gain a true understanding of life insurance savings, January 19 has been set aside as “National Life Insurance Day”. All Life Insurance Men have been asked to help with the publicity and provide facts and figures and expert advice to support this work. They are urged to take major responsibility for local programs and the promotion of National Life Insurance Day at the local level.

Meetings, exhibitions and pageants, editorial and media advertising, church, school and public gatherings are all encouraged in order to run a campaign similar to the National Fire Prevention Campaign. All local, state and national organizations from all industries, as well as schools, churches and government agencies are cooperating in the effort.

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