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To celebrate 60 triumphant years, Sri Lanka Insurance is introducing the exclusive “Medi 60” medical insurance for the elderly to cover a range of health insurance needs. The product was launched in tribute to the senior generation for their valuable contribution to the economic progress of Sri Lanka and in recognition of their limited access to health insurance due to age constraints.

According to the World Bank, 12.3% of Sri Lanka’s population is aged 60 or over, making it the country with the highest proportion of elderly people in South Asia. Western Province has the highest percentage of elderly people in the country at 31.7%, while Northern Province has the least at 4.8%. In just 15 years, more than one in four Sri Lankans, or 25%, will be over 60.

The demographic transition from a youth bulge to an aging society creates several economic, health and social challenges. Additionally, an aging population will put pressure on the country’s healthcare sector, which is already facing severe challenges due to COVID-19. Healthy life expectancy in Sri Lanka is 67.0 years, based on an overall life expectancy of 77.3 years. 10 years of healthy life lost with increased morbidity and disability that may require specialized and comprehensive care.

As private sector pension and savings schemes are fragmented and have limited coverage, social protection for older people is weak. Due to their high dependency and lack of arrangements to cover health and medical costs, the elderly are a very vulnerable consumer group.

Being excluded from insurance due to age limits, those above the age of 60 and in the elderly age bracket are more likely to suffer from health conditions requiring medical intervention. serious, making health insurance coverage for the elderly an absolute must.

The “Médi 60” Health Cover allows seniors to reimburse medical expenses, including hospitalization, surgery and medical expenses. Seniors between 60 and 70 can now take out this guarantee, while the contract can be renewed until the insured reaches the age of 80. In addition, policyholders also benefit from attractive discounts for laboratory tests, drug delivery and free wellness programs in collaboration with

The insurance policy covers a wider range of expenses related to health insurance, including hospital room charges, nursing home charges, drug charges, and doctor’s fees covered by health benefits. hospitalization. Additional coverage is extended to 136 daycare procedures.

Further details of the “Medi 60” can be obtained by visiting the nearest Sri Lanka insurance branch or calling the 24/7 hotline 011 2 357 357.

True to the trust gained over generations as the national insurer, Sri Lanka Insurance extends protection to the elderly by celebrating 60 years of excellent service to the nation.

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