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EXPO 2020 DUBAI is the last edition of the universal exhibitions held worldwide since 1851 and will be the first to be held in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia. Sri Lanka will take part in the mega-event which kicks off in October (October 1, 2021 to March 31, 2022) and is expected to attract more than 25 million visitors to Dubai during its six months. One of the key facets of the Sri Lankan contingent will be the specially designed pavilion which was officially handed over by the Dubai Expo team to Mr. Nalinda Wijerathna, Sri Lanka Deputy Commissioner General for Expo and Consul General from Sri Lanka to Dubai and Northern Emirates on September 14, 2021. Ms. Subashini De Silva, Second Secretary at the Sri Lankan Consulate in Dubai, accompanied Mr. Nalinda Wijerathna during the handover.

The pavilion with its water-based theme was designed by a team from the University of Moratuwa and was recognized as one of the best designs at Expo 2020 Dubai. The pavilion presents hydraulic civilization from a tourist perspective highlighting the 3 positioning pillars of authenticity, compactness and diversity while taking visitors on a journey through history, culture, nature, people and many facets of the destination through storytelling to inspire and present Sri Lanka to the world. The pavilion’s silent display screens will present the unique facets of the island in all its wonder and awe.

The pavilion will be segmented into zones to represent the many diverse facets of Sri Lanka. Zone 1 will showcase a sample of Sri Lanka’s multiple dimensions, Zone 2 will focus on the island’s unique ecology, biodiversity and ecosystems, while Zone 3 will give participants a glimpse into the impressive history of the island with a display based on the Islands ancient kingdoms. Zone 4 is dedicated to the development of economy and commerce and Zone 5 will feature local artisans and craftsmen with a masked wall and retail area. The specially designed pavilion is a stunning blend of heritage, history, local style and the latest technology. This will give attendees a glimpse of island life in all its glory, helping to create an interest that will appeal to both visitors and investors. The entire experience is designed to be personal, immersive and memorable, conveying the warm and sunny personality of the island and its exotic character.

Speaking about this historic event, Ms. Kimarli Fernando – President of SL Tourism and Sri Lanka Commissioner General for Expo, had this to say. “Expo 2020 Dubai was an event that happened to Sri Lanka Tourism at the eleventh hour !! Despite all the constraints and barriers, we have come this far and created a global platform for Sri Lanka to be featured at this international event. We have created tourism, trade and investment opportunities at the Expo which we are sure will generate great growth opportunities for Sri Lanka. We are also fortunate to have amazing partners and great support from the Expo Dubai team. Sri Lanka Tourism is looking forward to a successful event in Dubai ”.

Sri Lanka Tourism created a collision by showcasing strong and vibrant Sri Lanka at Expo 2020 Dubai in partnership with Sri Lanka Embassy in United Arab Emirates and Consulate in Dubai, Gem & Jewelry Authority, Export Development Board, Sri Lanka Tea Board, Laksala, Investment Board, Port City, Sri Lankan Airlines and the National Chamber of Exporters. The event will provide an extraordinary opportunity for many of the organizations that make up the local contingent, including business opportunities that will enable a more robust and strengthened local economy. With over 190 countries participating in the event, there will be great interest in Sri Lanka’s unique arts, crafts, cuisine and culture. Destination Sri Lanka will tell its story through the creative use of song, dance, cultural events and a host of strategically targeted programs.

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