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Open enrollment in the Student Health Insurance Plan has begun for those attending the University of Hawaii at Mānoa for the fall 2022 semester.

The registration period is open until September 23, with coverage from August 20 to December 31.

Health care may not always seem like a priority when preparing for the upcoming semester and settling into new classes, but maintaining your health can lead to a more successful and enjoyable school experience.

According to Mānoa University Health Services, which was not available for comment, its website said its priority was those using the services.

UHSM states, “We strive to meet their health care needs and provide professional, ethical, timely, courteous, and reasonably priced services.”

Students have several different avenues for their insurance needs – some may be parent-insured, others state-insured – but regardless of agency, health insurance is something every person should take seriously. consider.

Noah Ahn, a UHM junior, said he was not enrolled in the student plan this semester because he is still covered by his parents’ insurance, but plans to enroll in the spring.

“Looking at the coverage and the cost, it seems like a really good deal for students,” Ahn said.

Although he said it comes with additional costs on top of tuition, Ahn said he “would much rather spend that money now than end up with even greater costs as a result of a sort of unexpected emergency”.

The student plan is provided by HMSA for those enrolled in the UH system at least half-time, which means a minimum of six credits for undergraduate students and four for graduate students.

All HMSA plans include preventative care services and the ability to choose your own care provider with PPO (Preferred Provider Organization).

HMSA’s network has over 7,500 participating healthcare providers and specialists across the islands, and online healthcare providers are also available 24 hours a day. The student plan includes:

Medical coverage (includes office visits, labs, radiology, hospitalization, mental health, medical evacuation, overseas travel benefits, etc.) and prescription drug coverage.

Additional options for purchasing dental and repatriation coverage with life insurance

Low deductible

No age rating

Even for those who are young and seemingly healthy, it is always a good decision to be insured. Unforeseen accidents or illnesses can lead to high medical costs, which could lead to increased financial pressure.

On its website, UHSM states, “The lack of adequate insurance coverage can be financially devastating in the event of serious illness or accident. Medical costs can be a burden even with mild illness.

University Health Services Mānoa, or UHSM, is another valuable resource available to students, and their professional staff can help answer any questions you may have about your health or available healthcare resources.

As students emerge from pandemic life and slowly return to normal, it is still important to maintain all aspects of one’s health, whether mental, physical or emotional.

Staying healthy can help facilitate the achievement of a student’s educational and personal goals and the Student Health Insurance Plan is an option to ensure that quality health care is available at all times.

For more information or to register, visit their website at HMSA Student Portal.) Students can also view the student plan brochure at

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