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MANGALORE: Health and Family Welfare Minister UT Khader said on Friday that the department was ready to extend benefits from Jyothi Sanjeevini’s medical insurance scheme to teachers in private and assisted schools.
Khader was speaking at a teachers ‘party and birthday celebrations for Dr S Radhakrishnan under the auspices of the Dakshina Kannada zilla panchayat public instruction department and the teachers’ day celebrations committee of Mangalore South Education Block at AB Shetty Hall, Bunts Hostel.
The Jyothi Sanjeevini program, which was introduced by the state government, is of great benefit to teachers. Education department officials should speed up the process of preparing the list of teachers for the distribution of ID cards under the program, Khader said.
“There is a demand for the extension of the services of the Jyothi Sanjeevini program to teachers in assisted and private schools as well. The Ministry of Health is ready to take up the challenge. The education department should make the necessary arrangements to meet the demands of teachers in private and assisted schools, ”Khader said.
He added that the contribution of teachers to nation building is important. “The nation building process starts from classrooms and extracurricular activities. The role of teachers in all spheres of student life is paramount. Therefore, we have introduced a health program especially for teachers, ”he said.
During the event, Khader also posted a copy of Jyothi Sanjeevini’s ploy.
Meanwhile, speaking at the Teachers Day celebration, organized under the auspices of the Mangalore North Education Block Teachers’ Day Celebrations Committee at Town Hall, retired teacher Gopalakrishna Bhat said the main goal of a teacher is to turn students into good citizens. “The primary responsibility of a teacher is to grow up with technology and be a role model teacher in making their children good citizens. All teachers must make a commitment to try to bring one of their family members into the teaching profession, ”Bhat said during the opening speech.


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