The Department of Early Childhood of the Ministry of Education implements its development plans

Doha: The Early Childhood Department of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education has affirmed its commitment to achieving the goals and pillars of its strategic plan. This objective is achieved through programs and operational plans aimed at developing teacher performance, which is reflected in the development of students’ skills and abilities.

In her remarks, the director of the Department of Early Childhood, Maryam Al Nisf Al Buainain, said that these efforts are part of the ministry’s desire to build bridges of cooperation and constructive participatory work for the benefit of students. , believing that Qatar always deserves the best.

She noted that the department has been able to achieve many important goals through inspection visits by its supervisors and principals at the start of the current school year to determine schools’ preparations and ensure that they are ready to receive students, the suitability of the classroom and the school environment, safety and security factors, the availability of learning resources and is aware of the seriousness of the application of the instruction for students who receive.

It has been provided to schools before to ensure its implementation in the intended manner.

The Deputy Director of the Early Childhood Department, Dhabia Al Khulaifi, spoke about the department’s efforts to provide urgent educational solutions to best overcome the obstacles that the teacher might face, in order to ensure the quality of the results of the learning, as well as awareness training. support for field managers.

Among them, the “Educational Pioneering Beginnings” program which targeted more than 1,300 teachers and animators in seven different training sessions to launch themselves through it towards the horizons of creativity in giving.

Sharifa Al Yazidi, Head of the Basic Stage Department at the Early Childhood Department, explained the efforts of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education through the department to develop capacities and skills.

In this regard, she said, a program for supervisors has been implemented for the third consecutive year. It includes training on the latest instructional supervision systems and how to provide academic support and the role of the instructional supervisor in providing supportive and supportive feedback that is an addition to the coordinator or teacher through constructive dialogue and effective communication and other extracurricular activities.

Head of the Kindergarten Department, Fatima Al Qahtani, spoke of the distinguished efforts related to this category in terms of training teachers, supervisors and coordinators, and the publication of a set of guidelines for kindergartens. of children.

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