The Educational Affairs Sector publishes the 2021 achievement report

Doha: The development of the national education program for kindergarten to grade 12 schools is one of the major achievements of the education sector of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, an official said.

This came in a report on the achievements of the education sector in its various departments during the year 2021 and recent years in the fields of education recently released by the educational affairs sector of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education.

The Deputy Under Secretary for Educational Affairs at the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, Fawzia Abdulaziz Al Khater, said in a statement that the education sector has made remarkable achievements in recent years.

She said the main achievements include the development of a national curriculum for the school, the improvement of educational pathways for the secondary and the development of the early stage education in the gardens of children and public schools.

Al Khater said other achievements are expanding the government’s special education, gaining momentum in education by adopting the STEM model in line with international best practices.

She said that developing educational services for students with disabilities, opening special schools, managing the educational process in times of crisis, developing processes to attract and qualify teachers, and meeting the needs of schools , and the granting of professional licenses to teachers and school leaders are among the achievements of the sector.

Al Khater said the education affairs sector is working to achieve the strategic goals of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education. She said each ministry prepares its annual operational plans based on the achievement of these strategic goals.

Al Khater said that the operational plans of the departments include the implementation procedures that the department will accomplish each year through activities and procedures related to the implementation of the strategic plan and operational initiatives of the department, in addition a specific timetable for the implementation of these procedures.

She said that 70 public schools have been rehabilitated to be integration centers for students with disabilities in schools. This initiative was completed in 2020 as part of the development of inclusion services for students with disabilities.

Al Khater said that in the academic year 2020-21, a parallel approach was introduced in the adult education system for the secondary cycle, which aims to help adult students who are not able to complete their studies at the secondary cycle with the same study programs included. in general education for the secondary cycle through their own study programs.

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