Updated Fees, Information Announced for Student Health Insurance Plan 2022-23

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — The University has released undergraduate and graduate student insurance rates for the 2022-23 coverage period for the Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) for Penn State, underwritten by United Healthcare Student Resources. Additionally, students are reminded to submit their health insurance coverage information through LionPATH.

The annual individual fee for undergraduate students will be $2,732; the individual annual rate for graduate students will be $3,355. Students will be billed per semester. The drop rate is $1,059 for undergraduate students and $1,300 for graduate students. The spring/summer rate is $1,673 for undergraduates and $2,055 for graduate students. For more information on rates, visit the Student Health Insurance website.

The new rates represent an increase of 5.68% for undergraduate students and 0.78% for graduate students over last year. Nationally, colleges and universities have seen medical and pharmaceutical coverage rates rise steadily. For 2022, most colleges and universities will see a 6% increase.

The SHIP for Penn State is available to students at all Penn State campuses except World Campus. Eligibility is based on student status. Students wishing to enroll in the plan can do so during open enrollment, which runs from April 1 to August 30, 2022. Students can visit the health insurance page in LionPATH after enrolling in classes and select “Register” to register for the planner for 2022-23.

International students and College of Medicine students must have adequate health insurance coverage while enrolled at Penn State. These students must provide proof of health insurance coverage that meets certain criteria or enroll in the Penn State Student Health Insurance Plan. If students have an approved waiver, they will not be charged. Students have until August 30, 2022 to submit a waiver. If students do not submit a waiver by the deadline, they will be automatically enrolled in SHIP for Penn State and will be responsible for premium charges to their student account.

For Fall 2022, Penn State will again require all full-time U.S. students to submit their current health insurance coverage information through LionPATH after enrolling in classes. This information, collected through LionPATH, will help Penn State better understand its students’ insurance needs and help those students make informed health insurance decisions.

Uninsured or underinsured students are encouraged to contact the Student Insurance Advocate, which provides individual counseling to students as well as outreach and education to students and student groups regarding health insurance. The Student Insurance Advocate will help students identify insurance options, including health insurance plan for Penn State, Medicaid, or Affordable Care Act market plans. This post will also help qualified students navigate the application process for these plans. Currently, the Student Insurance Advocate is not available to Global Campus students. For more information, visit the Student Insurance Advocate’s web page.

The Penn State Student Health Insurance Plan

The SHIP for Penn State is a platinum-level health insurance plan with a low deductible and capped maximum. It was designed specifically for Penn State students and selected with input from Penn State students. SHIP offers a large community of networked vendors across campuses and across the United States, as well as global coverage. Penn State offers this plan through First Risk Advisors, underwritten by United Healthcare Student Resources. It is offered as a service to our students and Penn State does not take advantage of the plan.

Students have been part of the health insurance decision-making process for many years. The Student Insurance Advisory Council/Board, which includes representatives from the Graduate and Professional Student Association, the University Park Undergraduate Association, the Commonwealth Campus Student Government, and representatives from international student organizations, provides information to University Health Services and its Student Health Insurance. Office regarding SHIP for Penn State, including insurer selection, plan design, and cost management mechanisms.

For more information about student health insurance, contact the University Health Services Office of Student Health Insurance at [email protected] or visit the UHS Health Insurance website.

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